BSc in Radiology & Imaging Technology (Hons)

Objectives of the Program:

  • Attain adequate knowledge and skills on different areas of Radiology and Imaging Technology.
  • Work in related laboratories, industries and field level settings.
  • Solve problems in the respective fields.
  • Undertake research works in the fields concerned.
  • Demonstrate verbal and written communication advocacy skills and understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Impart teaching and training for developing learning skills and research necessary in the areas concerned.

Courses to be covered:
Radiological Anatomy- Part I, Basic Biology, Basic Physics, Basics of Information & Communication Technology, English Foundation Course, Radiology & Imaging Physics, Radiological Anatomy- Part II, Radiological Physiology- Part I, Communication & Signal Processing, Conventional Radiography- Part I, Radiological Pathology-Part I, Radiological Photography and Quality Assurance-Part I, Radiological Physiology- Part II, Conventional Radiography- Part II, Radiological Pathology- Part II, Radiological Photography and Quality Assurance- Part II, Radiology & Imaging Equipment, Advance Radiology & Imaging Equipment, Interventional Radiography- Part I, Radiological Findings (Part –IA), Radiation Safety & Measurement, Patient Care, Interventional Radiography- Part II, Radiological Findings (Part –IB), Basic Health Informatics, Basics of Health Economics, Basic Biostatistics, Comprehensive field Visit, Bioethics, Research Methodology, Special Radiological Procedure-Part I, Radiological Findings(Part –IIA), Residential field Practice, Project, Special Radiological Procedure- Part II, Radiological Findings(Part -IIB), Hospital Management

Credits & Duration:
This Program will be conducted on a Course & Credit based structure with 37 number of Courses to be dispensed in 160 Credits in total, completed in a minimum time span of 4 years.

Commencement of the Program:
Each new Program will commence Fall and Spring every year (02 intakes per year)

Admission Requirements:

  1. A Candidate with SSC (Science Group) and HSC (Science Group) or their equivalents is eligible to apply with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 in either one and a combined CGPA of 6. 
  2. Foreign students with equivalent qualification are eligible. 
  3. Equivalence will be decided by a Committee called ‘Equivalence Committee’ formed by the Academic Council of BUHS.

Job opportunities:
NGO, Development Agencies, Public Health Programs of the Government, Laboratory based work in different Hospitals and diagnostics centers.


Number of Semesters : 08
Number of total credits : 160
Number of total courses : 37
Admission Fee : BDT 20,000
Fee per credit : BDT 2,225
Exam fee per course : BDT 2,000
Total Course Fee : BDT 450,000